Are We There Yet?


Waiting is never easy, even when we wait for something good. Often we pace around and wring our hands, or worry about all that could go wrong. Maybe we think that waiting is a waste of time; that we are better off taking matters into our own hands. There are few better ways to begin than with the covenantal language of Isaiah, “Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God.”(40:1) 

Sit quietly with those words; grasp their potency. They point us to remember that our identity and future rests with God, the One who is merciful and mighty. The Israelites in the Bible may have forgotten, as we so often do, the awesomeness of the One for whom they wait, the One whose peace is so richly dense and abundant.

Yet, even when God’s prophets bring a good and hopeful word, there is still a response required on our part. Inherent in good news is a call to turn toward the one who invites. These texts invite listeners to trust in and wait on God’s coming restoration of all creation. Part of waiting involves surrendering control in our minds/thoughts of what may or will happen tomorrow. Soley focusing on the present is the secret of waiting well.

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