Child Sacrifice

Joy is much desired in our lives. Whether through acceptance/admiration from people, accomplishment of tasks, acquisition of things or simply wanting situations to go our way, we seek joy. Short lived and foolish as they may be, we crave them deep within our hearts.

First of the Ten Commandments in the Bible says, “You will have no other gods before me.” The significance of it is that every single command that follows is profoundly rooted in the first. Why do we lie and commit adultery? Why do we steal, covet, and kill? Is it not because we wish to preserve and worship our “god” or “gods” of money, fame, pleasure, power, pride, comfort and beauty? 



In this day and age, we would frown upon the practice of “child sacrifice” as being cruel, primitive, and bloodthirsty. We would rightly question, “What kind of immoral people would allow such morbid practice?” Consider the Wall streets of Manhattan where highly educated men and women are devoting 80 to 100 hours of work a week at the expense of their children’s welfare to fulfill the “American dream.” Is that not “child sacrifice?” Christians or non-believers are guilty of conveniently justifying their modern western contemporary lifestyle without any critical consideration. 

When we make the good things in life the ultimate things, we usher fear into our lives. 

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