Get Real

What does the popularity of such shows like “The Survivor” or “The Amazing Race” tell us? Watching human beings react in various situations; what will they say and do, can be amusing. How will they respond when they are forced to confront their worst fears? Unscripted human drama has become a form of enterainment.

Don’t we have anything else better to do? Only a culture that is bored with reality and has lost all sense of purpose would produce such program like “The Bachelorette.” Apparently, our own lives are not interesting enough to hold our interest. We want to put somebody else in an unreal situation and watch what happens. Reality shows never would have appeared in the 1950s. It is only at this late stage of cultural decadence that such programming is even possible.

Reality TV is very different from, say, watching a good film. When someone writes the script for a movie, they are telling a story that shows something about life. If the story has a moral lesson, then rather than merely serving as a form of escape, it enables us to gain deeper understanding into what it means to live in this world. Reality TV—or unreality TV doesn’t do that. It just wastes our time.

It does not equip us to live to our fullest potential. We end up living in someone else’s fantasy instead of doing what we ought to be doing. If you enjoy reality TV, you ought to try just plain old reality. 

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