Travel to know yourself for a more balanced life

Who doesn't love traveling? Well, maybe not everyone is very enthusiastic as one is supposed to be. Many people are just happy to tour around. A tourist is not a traveler. Oftentimes, people think otherwise though.  However, traveling to new places, away from your familiar routes is sometimes necessary to find your own roots. The more time you spend away in an unknown place, the more your perspectives are bound to change and you will find yourself evolving into a better human being. After you return from your travel, you can apply your earned experience into your work and personal life to reach the optimal balance between your body and mind.

In this world of active life, we almost have no time to devote to our own selves. It is said that if you wear a mask long enough, you will eventually forget that you had a mask on. The mask becomes a part of yourself, integrated into your identity. It no longer is an extension of yourself, rather you willfully shed your own essence to make space for your shadow self. This sounds all gloomy and dark, but there will always be another way if you are willing to look hard enough. 

Get some alone time, away from everyone and everything to contemplate on your life. And traveling just provides with that very opportunity. You can always travel with like-minded people, but there will be a chance to become conditioned by their presence. So, It's always preferable to travel alone and discover yourself.