Go green, go organic: a soulful experience

We all have heard about the harmful effects of chemicals and heavy metals and how they cause a person’s health to deteriorate. By health, you have to take into account the healthy symbiotic workings of our mind and body. So, when the body is contaminated, the mind will show signs of decay. Similarly, if the mind is infested with unhealthy thoughts and emotions, the physical manifestations will happen in a rather ugly way. So, you have to be careful about choosing consumables and discard which does not serve your purpose for a healthy balance in your life.

  • Eat healthy: Next time you visit the supermarket, buy something wholesome rather than sugary and starchy foods. Incorporate high intakes of fiber and wholegrain consumables like brown rice, oats, pasta, and whole wheat. Remember that not all fats are bad and you do need a healthy amount of cholesterol for your body to function properly. It is wise to not base your food habits after popular notions. Educate yourself about foods and their impact on your health. Maintain a balanced diet with varieties of food. Revert to an alkaline-based diet once in a while for detoxification.


  • Think healthy: This part is a little tricky as the consumables that we feed our mind is not physically tangible. From the series that you watch to the books that you read; from the environment, you surround yourself with to the daydreaming you do when you're bored- everything contributes to the well being of your mind. Choose consciously and be responsible for the health of your mind.




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